Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart


Our private practice was opened in 1978 by Dr. Joe Steven. He built a trusting, friendly, and comfortable dental practice that his patients came to appreciate more than anything. After many years of practicing on his own, his daughter, Dr. Jasmin Rupp, joined him in 2007. After Dr. Steven’s passing in 2015, Dr. Rupp took over the business and has maintained many of the traditions that our beloved Dr. Steven first started. With staff members and patients who have been with us for 15, 25, and even 40 years, we believe our long time family tradition is one of the reasons you’ll feel the difference between our practice and others.


As a team, we promise always to:

  • Ensure a friendly, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere in which you feel at ease
  • Develop an open, non-judgmental conversation with you, which will lead to a long-term partnership
  • Educate and motivate you to take care of your oral and overall health
  • Your doctor will create a unique care approach to address your personal needs. Before starting treatment, we will review treatment options and financials. We want you to be informed so you can make the best possible decisions!


  • We offer free nitrous oxide/laughing gas.
  • In the treatment rooms, the scent of calming and cleansing essential oils add to the relaxing atmosphere.
  • We provide weighted blankets and stress balls for the anxious patients.
  • We can play relaxing spa music at your request while you are having your dental work done, or if you choose, we’ll hand you the remote control to watch TV.
  • After your treatment, we offer warm, moist towels for your face (unscented or scented with essential oils).
  • For the more anxious patients, we can prescribe an anti-anxiolytic medication, such as Valium, that you can take the night before and the morning of your appointment. In these cases, you will need to arrange someone to drive you to and from your appointment.
  • If you are still feeling apprehensive about your upcoming dental work, we offer in-house moderate IV sedation through a third-party company called Special Anesthesia Services.


Once you step foot in our office, you will feel the difference in our light hearted and fun atmosphere. You’ll hear laughter at your visit, and not just from the laughing gas. 🙂 We want our patients to feel like family, and laughter is a big part of that. We like to stand out from the crowd so that you remember your experience with us. Not only are we unique in our laid back, fun-loving vibe at work, but we like to entertain outside the office as well! Every Halloween, we release a   short dental-related parody just to make people laugh! You can watch them on our   YouTube channel or   Facebook page.


We are also the official Team Dentists of the Wichita Thunder Hockey Team (logo) 


We believe you deserve great dental care and customer service that keeps you smiling and happy. Your first step to a healthier, more beautiful smile is a your first appointment with our caring team. Call our Wichita, KS family-friendly dental office and schedule yours today!