Membership Program

Membership Program


Riverside Dental offers a Private Dental Plan to patients who do not have access to dental insurance. The plan is designed to cover preventative services such as cleanings and oral exams that can be budgeted at an affordable monthly expense. You also will receive good benefits for your other dental services.


  1. You pay a Monthly Fee
  • $34 Single
  • $56 Couple
  • $98 Family (up to 5 members)


**Ask about our Periodontal Maintenance program!

  1. You will receive two cleanings, two doctor exams in conjunction with your preventive care, and cavity detecting X-rays in a 12-month period. You will also receive one panoramic cancer-detecting X-ray.
  2. In addition you will receive a 20% coverage on all dental procedure services, such as fillings,crowns and root canals. (Must be paid in full day of service)


*Ask about discounts for cosmetic dentistry & whitening!


This program is a discount savings plan and NOT a dental insurance plan. It cannot be used:

  • Along with another dental plan or benefits from another source like Workman’s Compensation
  • For referrals to specialists (for instance, if you require a trip to an oral surgeon)
  • Financing of co-payments from an outside source through Riverside Dental (i.e. Care Credit)