Everyone Should Smile With Confidence

At Riverside Dental, we offer Six Month Smiles to our Wichita patients who are interested in clear aligners instead of traditional braces. Your smile is an expression of who you are, so if you're one of the millions of Americans who aren't happy with the way their smile looks, consider Six Month Smiles to get the beautiful, straight smile you'll be proud to show off. Six Month Smiles takes a modern approach to traditional orthodontic treatment by using the tried and true technology of cosmetic braces and aligners to fit your lifestyle. Click here to see our Six Month Smiles treatments!

A Cosmetic Solution to Traditional Metal Braces

Six Month Smiles

Traditional braces have been shown to be the most conservative and predictable way to achieve a great smile, but many people aren't thrilled with the thought of having a mouth full of metal. With Six Month Smiles, you'll still get the great results of braces, but Six Month Smiles Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and Chameleon™ tooth-colored wires are barely visible, so you can feel free to smile with confidence while your teeth are being straightened. We now also offer Six Month Smiles clear Aligners! Ask Dr. Rupp which treatment she feels would be best for you!

Do Six Month Smiles braces damage teeth, roots, or gums?

There are no more risks of root damage or other issues than those associated with traditional orthodontics. Since the forces used with Six Month Smiles braces are lighter and teeth are seldom extracted, there are actually even fewer risks involved with Six Month Smiles orthodontics.

Am I a candidate for Six Month Smiles?

If you are 19 years or older with crooked or spaced teeth and you're not looking for a major alteration to your bite, these clear aligners could be the solution for you! Most adults in Wichita ARE candidates, but Dr. Rupp would have to assess your situation and then she will be able to decide if Six Month Smiles is right for your specific needs.