Sedation Dentistry

Imagine undergoing a complex dental treatment like a root canal, extraction, or oral surgery. When your treatment is complete, you have no recollection of the time it took, the pain, the noise, or the discomfort you were expecting. We are pleased to offer our patients the option of comfortable, safe, and effective sedation dentistry. Patients who benefit from sedation dentistry have:

  • A fear or anxiety of being at the dentist
  • A hard time sitting still for long periods of time
  • A hard time getting (and staying) numb from anesthetics

What levels of sedation are available to me at Riverside Dental?

Sedation dentistry is closely regulated by law, and there are two sedative states at which our office can administer: mild sedation and moderate sedation.

  • Mild Sedation — Anxiolysis is the lightest form of sedation dentistry and is often used for patients with mild anxiety, longer procedures, or more complex situations. Riverside Dental offers two options for mild sedation. The first is an anti-anxiety medication and is usually administered orally by the patient 30 minutes before he or she arrives to our office. (This will require that someone drive them to and from their appointment.) The patient remains awake or relaxed throughout the entire procedure. Patients typically recover from mild sedation within a few hours after the procedure is complete. The second type of mild sedation is nitrous oxide inhalation (laughing gas). Patients can drive on their own after breathing 5 minutes of oxygen after their procedure. 
  • Moderate Sedation — Used for patients with more severe dental anxiety and for patients who need longer or more complex procedures, conscious sedation often refers to the use of light IV sedation. We work closely with a licensed anesthesia team throughout the procedure. With conscious sedation, the patient will remain awake throughout your procedure, but will be in a deep state of relaxation. It is required that patients who receive conscious sedation have a parent, spouse, or friend accompany them to appointments because it can take several hours for the sedative to wear off and driving is unsafe.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation, learn more about sedation dentistry, and find out which sedation dentistry method may be right for you.